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I think it happens all too often that customers only speak up when they experience a problem. I have no problem, but I’d like to speak up anyway. My son, W., is in the Rollie Pollie classroom, and I come every day to visit him during my lunch break. This has allowed me to observe his teachers much more than the average parent. As such, I feel compelled to tell you that these women are fan-stinking-tastic. I know they have their hands full with 10 mischievous crawlers babies, but they never let it show. There hasn’t been a single moment where any one of them momentarily lost their composure. They simply prioritize and work quickly until all the babies are happy, never missing an opportunity to get a little silly with their friends. I recently went out of town for work and it was my first time away from Weston. His teachers knew that I was struggling with it and sent me extra pictures throughout each day. It was so sweet and allowed me to relax! I have had multiple opportunities to enroll at less expensive daycares, but Weston will not attend anywhere but KRK. Ms. Nancy, Ms. Michelle, and Ms. Holly are stellar teachers who reflect so positively on the school as a whole. I am thrilled that they are helping me raise my son. Sincerely, Courtney G.
Courtney G.
Thank you KRK!
My daughter has been attending Kids R Kids since she was 3 months old. Everyone from the owners, Bill and Molly Sample, to the staff at the front desk and the teachers have been wonderful. They have been attentive to my questions, my daughter's needs, and have never hesitated to help. Every time I drop my daughter off, they greet and know her by name as well as when she leaves. The teachers are loving. The helped comfort a first time mom dropping her daughter off for the first time. It is noticable my daughter enjoys it there. She is excited when I say "We're going to school."and she smiles at her teachers when she sees them. I'm happy, and my daughter is happy too.
P. Myatt
My son loves KRK!
Being a first time mom, I was anxious about finding a daycare. I knew of the daycares in the area I lived in and reviewed their websites and visited the most reputable. I was most impressed with Kids R Kids' testimonials. So, I finally stopped by. I was amazed by their infant rooms and the helpfulness of the staff. I was relieved that my son wouldn't be left in a crib most of the day and that there were so many activities that they had for him. The facilities are open, bright, cheery, clean and I was thrilled when the owners installed the Angelcare monitors with the motion sensor pad for the cribs (similar to what I have at home). Comparatively speaking, the other daycares I went to seemed dismal, depressing and that he was just another kid. At Kids R Kids, the teachers are comforting, helpful, willing to spend the time to talk to us about our son's day and encouraged us to call and check-in on him anytime throughout the day (we love that there are cameras and we can log in throughout the day to see him - Grandma in Houston loves to log in to see him). Most importantly, the teachers and staff are so loving. I can't speak highly enough of the staff and teachers who have become such a bright part of my son's life. He genuinely loves these wonderful people and loves going to school. I actually feel guilty when I have a day off and he doesn't go to school to see them and his friends. You worry about your child when you're at work and they're not with you. However, I can't express the comfort my husband and I feel knowing our son is being well cared for during those hours. Kids R Kids has exceeded all of my expectations (and I'm a demanding person) and I am thankful for the people at Kids R Kids because I know he's having fun, being loved and learning.
W. Kilduff
We love Kids R Kids!
After a frightening experience with another daycare, finding Kids R Kids was a pleasant sigh of relief for my family! My husband and I had the comfort of leaving our daughter in the hands of such great, down to earth people. She has learned so much and moved on to Kindergarten this year but still loves Kids R Kids! Highly recommended!!
J. Wamber
Absolutley the best!!
My wife and I were desperate to find a daycare that didn`t cause us to cringe everytime we walked in the door with our children. We took a chance and toured KRK on Debbie Lane and never looked back. The facility is always clean, there`s no odor that the others had, which was bleach or dirty clothes (ew). If you`ve been in more than one daycare, you know what I`m talking about. The staff was not only courteous, but confident about childcare. I felt totally at ease and couldn`t wait to bring my kiddos up to see what we`d found. They both enjoyed going there from day one. My daughter was immediately being taught things!!! Things like her ABC`s, and sign language. Helloooo, SIGN LANGUAGE!! How cool is that?! She was able to sign for things like "milk", "water","crackers","cheese"!!! Seriously, they don`t just put the kids in a room and sit in the corner watching them eat paint chips until we come pick them up. They interact with the kids and actually teach them. I`m glad that we took a chance and toured this place because I`d have never gotten the opportunity to see what a REAL professionally run daycare was like. I feel like I`ve made some good friends while my kids were there. They`ll definitely see us again on school holidays and summertime!! Thank you very much Bill, Molly, Kami, Erin, Cody...this can go on for a while so instead of naming every staff member, I`ll just say "tell everyone else we said thanks".
Rick & Mary Cornell - TX
Great place for infants!
Our son is 4 months old and has been attending Kids R Kids for 4 weeks now. The experience has been great. The number one reason why it has been so great is because of the teachers in the infant room. All 3 of them are wonderful. They are always so happy and energetic around the children. They completely understand my concerns as a first time parent and take time to make sure all my questions are answered. They each truly care for the children and it is very evident to see that they give each and every child there the attention they need. We had looked at numerous facilities before deciding on Kids R Kids and we could not be happier.
L. Browning - TX
Highly Recommend!!
My daughter was 6weeks old when I had to return to work. It was difficult trusting her with anyone but family being that she was so young and was my first child. After visiting several centers, I chose this one. I was amazed at how much care and attention the staff showed my little angel. Not only that, but it is obvious that Mrs. Molly and Mr. Bill really care and love what they do. They were very involved and took the time to make us feel welcome. The education is great! My child learned something new every day. I was always informed on what my child was learning, her progress and anything that was going on within the facility. If you are looking for a good child care facility; one that is clean, caring and will give you piece of mind, I recommend this one. To the KRK staff--You guys have set the standard! Great work! Thanks for all you did!
Patricia Bailey - TX
Where love is
I have visited KRK several times as a relative and have seen that these children are not only well cared for but they are loved and there welfare is of the upmost importance in their daily care.
W. L. Cooper - TX
Highly Recommend!!
We found Kids R Kids in August, 2009. My sons are 4 and 6 so one goes full time and the other is there for before & after school program. This is our 3rd daycare and we also tried 1 homecare facility by far, this has been the best best best for our children and for us. The other two daycare facilities just seemed to be `running the business` not much personal attention to my kids or us. That is what got me from the beginning with Kids R Kids. Everytime you walk in the door, your family is greated by someone smiling and happy that you are there. When I went to tour the school, the director gave me so much valuable information about the location, curriculum, meals, etc. She actually sat down with me and went through the curriculum (each page!) for my children`s classes. Since last August, there have been numerous things Kids R Kids has done for me and my family that we are very thankful for things that let me know they aren`t just `running the business` they really care about each and every child and family there. I haven`t even mentioned the teachers yet WOW they are amazing. They encourage the children to make good choices, show kindness and my kids love it there. Only the best for our kids!!!
M Moore - TX
Best Daycare!!
Our son has been attending Kids R Kids in Mansfield, Tx since August. I have never felt more secure and comfortable leaving my baby. All the staff from the front office to each and every teacher in his Doodlebug room made a first time mom feel a little better. My son lights up when he sees his teachers and the teachers do the same. When I log on to view him throughout the day the teachers are constantly playing with and cuddling all the babies - not just feeding them and changing them like you find at some day-cares. The level of safety of this daycare goes above and beyond as well. From the fingerprinting to get in, cameras in each room and glass walls in between the classrooms, I am confident my little one will be safe all day. Even though he is just in the infant room, there is still learning taking place - just like the rest of the center. There are constantly new arts and crafts that the babies have done lining the doors and hanging from the ceilings. This daycare is truly one of a kind and my husband and I feel so fortunate to have found it. Melony and Bryan Booher
Melony Booher - TX
Center of Choice!
I want to take this time to thank you and your staff for offering a superior childcare center. We were at another center just down the road from you for a couple of years and there is no comparison. Your teachers help my kids do their homework and they really seem to care about the kids. We didn`t receive that help and warmth at the previous daycare. I grew up working in a family business and have a great appreciation seeing members of the Sample family there each day. Thanks for everything you do!
R. Hoffman - TX
Great Learning Environment!
Our child amazes us with his knowledge- everyday. Thanks to the Kids-R-Kids staff
7figure - TX
We are amazed at the education our son has received at Kids R Kids. Not even 2 yrs. old he comes home with new nuggets of knowledge every day. We would recomment this preschool to anyone who is looking for a childcare facility for their infant or toddler. Prior to finding Kids R Kids, he attended a small daycare center. We are very grateful for Kids R Kids and the education our child receives! Thank you, Glinda J.
Glinda - TX
Feel Safer & Comfortable - HIGHLY RECOMMEND
I have a 6 year old son who attends Tipps Elementary. This past school year he was enrolled in another day care for their before and afterschool care. He had attended that day care for 2 years before he had begun kindergarten this past school year. I was never comfortable with the atmosphere there and from the very beginning I never got that warm feeling and always wondered what was going on. There were times that I picked him up and he would have a bump or cut but no incident report was filled out. I would ask what happened and majority of the time they didn`t know. I finally had enough and took him out of the day care he was in. It was a hard decision because I didn`t know where I was gonna put him and I had taken 3 days off work already and needed to get back to work. I had seen the Kids R Kids bus at Tipps elementary and always wondered so the day I decided it was time for him to go back to day care, I drove to Kids R Kids to basically get information. I was so highly impressed as soon as I walked through the door. The director, Kami, was sitting at the front desk and even the owner, Bill, was there. When I got the information with my son with me, he was excited about it and I did not waste time with the decision to enroll him. The staff there is very understanding and are willing to work with you. I have never been to a day care nor have enrolled my son in one that had video cameras that you can log into throughout the day to check on him. The staff keeps you well informed of any incidents that happened and they are so warm and welcoming. My son expresses to me everyday that he loves going to Kids R Kids. He looks forward to the activities they have and the field trips they go on. I have seen an improvement in his attitude and I visualize the love and care that the teachers show to each kid. I appreciate Kids R Kids for being the center that they are!!
C Griffith - TX
This is the place for your child.
Before we found Kids R Kids, my daughter was in 2 daycares. At each place, I frequently questioned if I had my daughter in the right place, was she getting the care she needed and was she being treated well. I can now shout YES to all those questions. I am so thankful Kids R Kids 54 came to our area. We`ve been there from day 1 and things just keep getting better and better. The center acts like a family and treats you and your child as one of their own. They really care about how you and your family are doing both at the center and at home. All the teachers know your child by name and display constant love and affection. To them every child is special and unique. I know I`ve chosen the right place for my daughter when we drive by on the weekends and she says "Look mommy, there`s my school - I love my school."
J Potter - TX
I Like Kids R Kids Best
I am a parent of three children ages 5, 3, and 1. During my history as a parent using the daycare system, I have had experience with three different Texas licensed homecare facilities and a public daycare prior to enrolling in at Kids R Kids. With my broad exposure to the daycare system, I like Kids R Kids the best. I selected Kids R Kids due to the owners personal interest in improving early childhood literacy and concern for a solid curriculum. It has been very helpful to me that the after school program includes a designated, supervised time to complete homework, which helps alleviate some of the stress when my school age child arrives at home. The owners are accessible and actively involved in running the Kids R Kids facility while routinely soliciting and responding to feedback to enable continuous improvement. With a friendly and professional staff, they are excellent at engaging the children at all age levels in a myriad of different activities, which provides control and an enjoyable learning environment in the classroom. The grandparents in Chicago and I have really enjoy peaking in on my children during the day. It was fun watching the little Halloween parade online at work! I also like how the school doesnt nickel and dime the parents. Stretch-n-Grow is included for all of the children. They had a face painting, balloon making magician here to help celebrate Halloween, which was provided without an extra charge. With three kids in daycare, I dont have money for my children to participate in the extra classes that usually cost more at other daycare centers, so I am thankful that everyone is included without extra fees when special programs are available. Most importantly, a core philosophy is about giving children the skills to make good choices and self-help skills, so one day they will learn to be independent. My children have asked to take teachers home or been disappointed when they have to leave. I know my children are happy and learning, which is my ultimate goal.
Brooke Garrison - TX
We have been so impressed with Kids R Kids and recommend it to everyone who has children!
As parents of a 14-month-old girl, who is also our first and only child at this point, we have had a difficult time trusting anyone but family to care for her. It was a hard decision to put her in daycare; but earlier this year we didn`t have any other options. Unfortunately, the local daycare we selected left us very disappointed and after 8 weeks we pulled her out. So we tried in-home daycare. Although we felt better, we still weren`t satisfied with the care she was getting. All this time, I would drive by and see Kids R Kids being built, wondering what a brand new daycare would be like; wishing that the next time I drove by I would see a NOW ENROLLING sign out front so I could check it out. (I had already scoped out several other local daycares and interviewed them, but never got that `WOW!` feeling when I was there) Then our in-home daycare lady told me she would no longer be watching children due to personal reasons, and we had 3 weeks to find alternate care. So I decided to google Kids R Kids and see if I could find out any information. Not only had they just opened a couple weeks earlier, but when I called to inquire about the daycare, DaNeil Tompkins answered all my questions and I got the `WOW` I was looking for. I went the same day to check out the facility. Multiple video cameras in each classroom that you can log on and watch during the day; fingerprint entry into the facility; glass walls between the classrooms to help ease the transition into the next class? Needless to say within that week my husband toured the facility and we had her enrolled. She started the next week. In the past nine months we have experienced family care, daycare, in-home daycare, and now Kids R Kids. They truly are another level of child care all together! We have volunteered a couple of times at the school and have been fortunate to meet most of the staff. They seem to be like one big happy family, and many of them have children who are enrolled there. We love that the owners, Bill & Molly Sample, are always there and are very involved. Ms. Molly teaches sign language to the children and signs regularly to communicate with them; and we often see Mr. Bill working at the front desk, cooking, or even out mowing the lawn. To us, it shows that they truly care about what happens there. The teachers do arts & crafts in the 1-year-old class, teach them manners, teach them how to wash their hands even after a diaper change, and to pick up their toys. What`s not to love? When you can`t be with your children 24/7, you want to know that they are being cared for in the way that you would care for them, and teach them the way you would teach them. At Kids R Kids, we have that peace of mind when we drop her off each day. Alicia & Bryan Whatley
Alicia and Bryan Whatley - TX
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